Upcoming Meeting

Our final meeting of Fall Semester will be on December 8th at 4:30 in the Dining Hall.  We will be discussing the success of our November Fundraiser, plans for the winter and spring semesters, and determining the date/times of our Winter and Spring Semester monthly meetings.  Please attend!

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September 8, 2008

Open: 4:30-5:20
Present:  Rae Ann, Aerynn, Ben, Josh, Hans, Tori, Teri, Roy, David, Adria, Victor, Kayla, Adam

New Business:
Welcome—Rae Ann

Treasurer’s Report—David:  new balance $269.70

Grad Program Survival School  (Teri)
–social event by Phi Alpha Theta for new grad students:  Friday night in Turlock (Wellingtons?)
–Teri and Rae to attend graduate classes on Monday and Tuesday night to make announcement, start e-mail list with suggestions for time/place

PAT Booth
–Spot obtained on main walkway, time spent at picnic table encouraged for all members beyond mandatory 1hr per week

-Adria:  hold meetings at booth

Activity Suggestions for Fall Semester
-Halloween Party (Friday!!)  will need a different venue, Adria’s house booked

                -or Saturday night “All Saints’ Day” party!!!
                -lecture the weekend before on the history of the holiday?
-Josh:  movie night linked with discussion or debates, current events
                -possibly reserve a room on campus, open invitation for anyone

                -State Theater?  Turlock Community Theater? 
-Historical Tour: work with Jennie Kendrick to tour Barbary Coast
-Informal attendance at Renaissance Faire
Saturday, September 27th Party at Adria’s
Officers’ meeting Tuesday

Fundraising Suggestions
-lectures or debates with faculty, sell food at those events or donations

-increased involvement with on-campus events

Open Forum
Adria—add decoration to Graduate Lounge, discussion/bulletin board

Teri—generate accurate membership roster of active members, alumni members
Tori—work with Dr. Garone to establish a new member procedure checklist
Ask Muncy to put together a calendar of events; need to update PAT website (WordPress) and department website
Aerynn: responsible for checking mail in Student Activities Center
Roy:  will leave sign-up sheet for PAT Polo Shirts in mailbox in the History Department

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October 16, 2008

Open:  4:50-6:00
Present: Dr. Garone, Joshua, David S., Aerynn, Ben, Teri, Michelle, Isaac, Rae Ann, Adria

Old Business
Recap of Previous Events
·         Grad Program Survival School—good idea, but didn’t pan out
·         Welcome Back party at Adria’s (unofficial)
·         Presidential Campaign debates—went exceedingly well, increased presence on campus, but problems with surprise fees, fortunately waived
·         Preview Day, Saturday Oct 18, 9:30-11:30 in Dining Hall
o   Teri—will print flyers for PAT table, already have flyers for History department
·         Halloween Party, Nov 1st 7pm: Need to find a venue!!
·         PAT Booth: Ben will occupy table weekly, building a new booth is not a priority this year
·         Movie night:  (Teri) no public presentation of movies without distribution rights
o   Josh will research possibility for fundraiser with State Theatre
·         Website update, calendar of events (Paul)
o   Need to design new website, find out contact for updating university website
·         Future project for Winter Term:  membership roster (Teri), new member procedures (Tori)

New Business
·         Approval of September Minutes (Aerynn): approved; update within 48 hours
·         Treasurer’s Report (David):
o   New members: Summer—Gary Rooney; September 2008—Jeremy Cornish, Abby Perez
·         Conference Update (Dr. Garone): April 24-25
o   Invitations sent out to 15 Northern California universities
o   Friday meet ‘n greet at pond behind Bizzini Hall, present with list of local restaurants (David)
o   Saturday: Morning breakfast in Naraghi lobby; 3 classrooms in Naraghi, 3 in Science; Lunch in Event Center; Award Ceremony in Naraghi amphitheater classroom
o   Phil and David need to complete a budget; file request for funds (max. $600)
o   Winter term: need to set deadlines for paper submission, design conference programs, contact local hotels for group discount (Ben)
o   Need to apply for funds for next year by the Spring
o   Decide who will be the keynote speaker, academic but not scholarly presentation
·         Fundraising Suggestions: Needs to be ASAP before rainy season, before application for money; file event form two weeks in advance
o   In the next several weeks:  Thanksgiving meal on the Quad, Monday November 17, 11-2
§  Brainstorm and meet Monday at 4:30 for food ideas
§  David: find out how funding works for fundraising events
§  Teri: get food donated by Raley’s
o   St. Patrick’s Day: Corned Beef and Cabbage
o   Benefit concert (Boscoe’s Brood?) and invite alumni

Open Forum
·         (Teri) Undergraduate Multidisciplinary/History Journal, like Stanford, CSU Chico
o   Dr. Carroll as editor, PAT members as executive board
·         (Michelle) Make 9×12 flyers for 4000-level classes to post near department

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April 23, 2008

Open 5:13-5:55 pm
Present:  Kayla, Damon, Aerynn, Rae, Teri, Grant, Michelle, David, Dr. Garone, Josh

Old Business
·         Recap of Phi Alpha Theta conference, Grad students swept, CSU Stanislaus will be hosting next year’s conference
·         Booth building, work on it during the summer, self-funded
·         Spring ballgame has a conflict with the Walking Tour for Turlock Historical Society
o   Sunday, May 18th, BBQ at noon, game at 1:30, at softball field on campus
·         Kayla:  Commemoration got approved!  Fundraising $3000 for a plaque on the North Gate of the Turlock Fairgrounds, PAT can volunteer to help with an event

New Business
·         Aerynn:  Presentation of minutes–March 10, 2008
·         Treasurer’s Report: Balance $259.70, waiting for funds to reimburse participants for registration
·         Initiation/History Department Gala, May 9th
·         PAT participation in the potluck, coordinate with Cathy
·         Officers’ meeting Monday at 5pm to discuss initiation
·         Election of next year’s officers
·         Rae will talk to Jennie about the setup on the website, ask her to proctor the voting
·         Open it up for nominations until April 30, then elections until May 8th, announce results at the Initiation
o   Pres:  Rae, Teri; Vice Pres:  Teri; Secretary:  Aerynn; Treasurer:  David S.; Historian:  Kayla, Michelle
·         Dean matched funds from ASI, need to do something special for her
·         Picture of attendees signed and framed, accompanied by thank-you letter, present them to her at the Gala

Open Floor
·         Teri:  Michelle would like brief bio from all the officers (academic and non-academic accomplishments)
·         Teri:  Committee to put together graduation celebration (Aerynn, Teri, Rae, Michelle)
·         Teri:  Historic Walk for Turlock Centennial, volunteers needed to help with the walk, write brief articles for the Historical Society Newsletter
·         Michelle:  Modesto Bee send reporter to cover the Walk, or generate our own press release?
·         Garone:  President Shirvani sent blanket e-mail to all faculty and staff regarding successful conference, congrats and thanks to Michelle for display outside History Department
·         ASI no longer funding off-campus conferences, no longer guaranteed money from the Dean
o   Instructionally Related Activities fund is still available; early next year, we have to write a proposal to even be eligible to apply for funding the year after next (deadline is in March)



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March 10, 2008

Open— 5:15 to 5:55
Present— Dr. Garone, Hans, Aerynn, Teri, Adria, Paul, Kayla, Aishah, Ben, Josh, David, Viktor, Tori, Rae Ann

Old Business:
·         Vicki Ruiz presentation (Dr. Garone) on Luisa Moreno and Latinas; full house
·         Turlock Centennial Celebration (Teri) – met with Kristen Santos, calendar of events, articles for Pioneer; individuals need to make commitments soon
   o   Vote:  official Phi Alpha Theta function, or individual capacity only:  Unanimous resolution to make this formal Phi Alpha Theta function
·         Empire Conference:  Rae Ann will call Scott Davis to find out about volunteering, registration fee
o   Scott Davis has not sent out e-mail regarding assignments

New Business:
·         Presentation of Feb. 18 Minutes (Aerynn)
o   Any alterations need to be sent to Aerynn
·         Treasurer’s Report (Teri)
·         PAT Conference
o   8 people submitting papers, any people who are only attending need to inform Rae Ann by Thursday to make arrangements
o   Schedule two sessions, week of March 17-21, to give preliminary presentations for critiques by peers and faculty
§  Aerynn and Teri:  Schedule paper readings with presenting students with faculty March 17-21 (e-mail faculty to attend)
o   Friday evening: tour of Bidwell Mansion, then dinner
o   For those who can leave early Friday morning, hike with Dr. Garone
·         Volunteers for booth-building
o   Committee for design and construction: Adria, Rae Ann, Kayla, David, Hans
o   Adria’s father has volunteered assistance, space, and materials
·         History Gala: faculty and Phi Alpha Theta potluck (also Warrior Day, so half-day anyway)
o   Need to have officer’s meeting to determine initiation rites
o   Incorporate PAT Initiation (need to have elections before then!): unanimous yes vote
o   Bring up periodically in upper-division courses to inform all the students, ask faculty to announce in their classes
o   Coordinate potluck arrangements with Cathy
·         Spring faculty-student-family barbecue/townball
o   Proposed date of  May 17th

Open Forum:
·          Kayla: Japanese-American Internment Commemoration/Monument
o   Contact Congressperson, Turlock fairgrounds
o   Vote to use Phi Alpha Theta’s name in letter to Congressperson: unanimous yea


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February 18, 2008

Open: 5:07-5:47

Attending: David, Tori, Damon, Kayla, Teri, Paul, Ben, Aishah, Aerynn, RaeAnn, Doug, Michelle, Adria, Nick, Greg, Victor

Old Business:
Teri: Solstice party went well
Adria: PAT logo polo shirts from easyprints.com

New Business:
·         Presentation of Minutes
  o   Aerynn distributed copies, any objections let her know
·         PAT Conference
o   Aerynn: send e-mail with deadlines and submission info; update website
o   9 people participating; 6 people submitting
·         Treasurer Report: submitted by Roy
·         Turlock Centennial Celebration
  o   Teri distributed information regarding research project, publication possibilities, participation in events
o   Discussed a group meeting of all interested members
·         Vicki Ruiz on campus March 4
o   Michelle will check into volunteer possibilities with Gender Studies
·         Dr. Royer: March 13-15 Empire Conference
o   Call for volunteers (Scott Davis – SDavis@csustan.edu)

Open Forum
·         Teri: Apply Wed for Booth Lottery (8 high, 8 wide, 4 deep; painted), raising funds to build
o   Committee to build; historical-looking structure

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December 10, 2007

Called at 4:40, adjourned at 5:30
Attending: Aerynn, Teri, Roy, Paul, RaeAnn, Dr. Garone, Victor, Adria
Old Business:
-Movie night a big hit for the three that went, lots of fun
-Solstice Party: Aerynn and Teri will e-mail with sign-up list for food and directions, 7-midnight Dec. 21
-Charter is taken care of, Rae needs to watch the DVD to complete

New Business:
-minutes presented by Aerynn, correction for Chico date, entered to post
-Phi Alpha Theta Conference is at Chico State, April 11-12 (Friday/Saturday)
-Treasurer’s report presented by Roy: Balance $110.35, one new member Kayla Canelo
-Dr. Garone: start preparing for Chico conference!
-progress on updating webpage? Teri will work on this during the next month.
-seven new members so far this year for Spring Initiation
-Rae: need to get info to the Dean about joining Phi Alpha Theta, write a letter and send a check
     -Aerynn: write an invitation with the pertinent information, use the logo or history department letterhead
-Suggestions for movie night: Paul will check what is coming up, send an e-mail
-Plans for recruitment, especially for undergraduates, in Spring semester
     -talk with people in classes, push one of the social events as an open-invitation
     -increase current member participation, especially for undergraduates, as prospects for next year’s officers
     -PAT members present mini-lectures or papers in relevant classes
-Dr. Garone will e-mail new member info to officers to contact them
-historical outings? History Gala in the Spring is the only currently planned event.
-Rae: Phi Alpha Theta faculty-student barbecue/softball game? Invite other Honors Societies?

Open Forum:
-Phi Kappa Phi: while invite-only and top 10% of class, good opportunity
-Teaching assistant positions: talk to Dr. Carroll, funding dramatically cut, nothing resolved yet
-go visit Upper Bidwell park Friday morning of the Chico conference

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